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Terms and Conditions

These Terms and Conditions (“terms”) apply between you and us and regulate your use of the Service. The Service refers to the digital services provided by Birds Relations AB, org. no: 559263–0973 (”we,” ”us”) through our website (”the website”) and the digital smartphone application Birds Relations: Couples Development (”the App”). By registering as a user of the Service or by using the Service, you agree to these terms.


We have developed the Service with the aim of providing the tools and knowledge that couples need to strengthen and deepen their relationship. Provided that you have registered as a user, you will have access to the Service through the App, e.g. via our website. From time to time, we may also offer other ways to access the Service. However, these terms apply regardless of how you access the Service.

Use and Responsibility

You must be at least 18 years old to use the Service. The user account is personal and may not be transferred. Although there is the possibility to share certain information with your partner’s user account, both individuals in a couple must register a personal user account. The partner who first registers an account has the option to invite their partner to the Service by sharing a link or code. Please note that when you invite your partner, an account is not created automatically, and your partner needs to register their own user account.

You are personally responsible for all use of the Service that occurs under your user account, including the information you share with your partner. We are not responsible for unauthorized use of your user account, so you should keep login credentials, such as your password, secret and out of reach of other people. This also applies to unique codes or passwords that you may receive from us as part of our security procedures. If you become aware of or suspect that your user account is being used by an unauthorized person, you are obligated to notify us immediately so that we have a reasonable opportunity to take security measures, and to immediately change your password via our ”Forgot your password” function. You should be extra careful to access your user account when using a public or shared unit so that others cannot see, copy, or record your password or other personal information.

The Service is intended for personal and non-commercial use only. The use of the Service or its content for purposes other than personal and non-commercial purposes is prohibited. All use must be in accordance with applicable law, in a manner that does not infringe on or exploit the rights of others. The Service should also not be used in a way that is perceived as immoral, offensive, or provocative according to public opinion. It is prohibited to film or in other ways document the use of the Service and to distribute such material.

If we suspect that you are using the Service in violation of these terms or in a way that may cause harm to us or a third party, we have the right to suspend you from further use of the Service. Suspension can be done by deleting the user account. We also have the right to seek compensation from you for any damage caused to us as a result of the use of the Service in violation of these terms, including our potential liability to third parties.

The information you provide in the Service, such as contact details, must be accurate and up-to-date. Therefore, you are responsible for keeping the information updated. Update your information directly in the app or by contacting us at All information you provide is handled in accordance with our privacy policy.


All rights, including but not limited to intellectual property rights such as copyright, trademark, and other similar rights, to the Service, including but not limited to its technical solutions, design, source code, trademark, and content, belong to us or our licensors. You are not allowed to copy, modify, or share information or materials covered by our or our licensors’ rights unless expressly stated in the Service.

All content and data that you register in the Service belong to you, and we do not claim any rights to such content or data. However, we may process this type of content or data in accordance with our privacy policy.

Our responsibility

The Service is normally available twenty-four hours a day, every day of the year. However, we cannot guarantee uninterrupted access to the Service. Availability may be affected by external factors such as network connectivity or when we perform system maintenance, error correction, updates, or similar actions.

We may change, develop, or discontinue the whole or parts of the Service without obtaining your approval beforehand. New versions may include updates, new features, and new designs. Similarly, new versions may mean that features or designs that were previously available in the Service will no longer be available.

Furthermore, you accept that you cannot claim any liability or make any claims against us due to changes in the Service as described above.

We do not guarantee that the Service will function flawlessly, and it is up to us to decide whether we will rectify any errors at our own expense and when we will do so. Therefore, you are not entitled to compensation from us for any errors or deficiencies in the Service, whether it is related to deficiencies in the availability of the Service caused by viruses or other external attacks, deficiencies in the hardware, network connectivity, or software you use, or any similar circumstance that we could not influence, or any other circumstance.

The Service may contain links to websites or applications provided by third parties. We take no responsibility for such websites or applications, nor for their content.

Payment terms

Birds Premium

Until you have accepted the payment terms of the Service, you will only have access to a limited part of the content “Birds Freemium”. To have full access to all content in the Service, you need to subscribe to ”Birds Premium,” which is a monthly or quarterly subscription. Payment and management of subscriptions are made through the App Store/iTunes Store and Google Play Store/Play Store using your registered account with Apple or Google. We are not responsible for technical problems related to the payment solution.

For new subscribers, we offer access to Birds Premium free of charge for a limited ”trial period” (7 days). Note that this only applies for new subscribers. If you do not cancel the subscription before the trial period expires, the paid subscription will automatically start without us being required to notify you. However, we will try to remind you by email before the trial period ends.

The right to use Birds Premium is personal and limited to the user account that made the payment, as well as an additional user invited by the payer.

Price changes

We may occasionally provide special offers or price reductions, and the price for Birds Premium may also change. Such temporary or long-term changes do not affect you if you already have an active subscription and, therefore, do not affect your obligation to pay the agreed amount at the time you subscribed to Birds Premium. In other words, even if we increase the price for Birds Premium, your price will not increase as long as your subscription is active.

Termination of Birds Premium

You have access to Birds Premium until the subscription expires, i.e., as long as you pay for the Service according to the applicable payment terms, and provided that our agreement with you has not been terminated.

You have no contractual commitment and can cancel Birds Premium whenever you want. You pay in advance and therefore always retain your access to Birds Premium for the entire period you have paid for. However, we have no obligation to extend your subscription.

To terminate Birds Premium, you need to manually opt out of subscription renewal via Apple or Google.

Here is how to do it:

If you have a subscription through Apple: Choose to turn off the subscription renewal through the device’s ”Settings” where you can find your ”Subscriptions”. Apple’s subscription terms require you to cancel the subscription at least 24 hours before the next renewal for the subscription to end within the current payment period.
If you have a subscription through Google Play: Opt out of subscription renewal by visiting, logging in, and selecting ”My Subscriptions”. Click on ”Manage” and then ”Cancel Subscription”.

Please note that the agreement for Birds Premium, i.e., the subscription, is not canceled by uninstalling the app. This applies to both Apple and Google Play.


All purchases are final, and we do not offer any refunds for Birds Premium. However, you have the right to apply for a refund for your purchase of Birds Premium via Apple or Google Play, where Apple or Google Play will assess the refund eligibility. Please note that this does not apply to automatic subscription renewal but only to the initial payment at the time of subscribing to Birds Premium. If you wish to apply for a refund for your purchase, follow these steps:

If you have a subscription through Apple: Visit for information on how to apply for a refund. Please note that refund eligibility varies depending on the country and region and is assessed by Apple.

If you have a subscription through Google Play: Visit for information on how to apply for a refund. You can always apply for a refund if it has been less than 48 hours since your purchase. In some cases, it may be possible to request a refund even after 48 hours. Please note that refund eligibility varies depending on the country and region and is assessed by Google Play.

You can also contact us at for any questions regarding how to exercise your right of withdrawal.


All communication between you and us regarding the Service will take place through the Service, or in some cases, through the website or email. Therefore, we recommend that you stay updated by logging into the Service regularly, visiting our website, and reading emails from us.

Contract period and termination

Birds Freemium

The agreement between us and you regarding your use of the Service through Birds Freemium is valid from the registration of your user account or from the time you otherwise start using the Service and is valid until further notice.

You have the right to terminate the agreement at any time. You can delete your user account directly through the app, via our website or by contact us at

Birds Premium

The agreement between us and you regarding your use of the Service through Birds Premium is valid from the time you accept the Service’s payment terms by subscribing to Birds Premium until the subscription is terminated.

To cancel Birds Premium, you need to manually opt out of subscription renewal via Apple or Google Play. Learn more about how to do this under Payment terms, Termination of Birds Premium.

Our right to termination

We have the right to terminate the agreement at any time with thirty days’ notice by notifying you. We also have the right to terminate the agreement immediately if you violate these terms, by deleting your user account.

If the user account has been inactive for one year, we also have the right to terminate the agreement without applying any notice period, by deleting your user account.

We may refuse registration of a new user account if you have previously been suspended from the Service or if your previous agreement has been terminated due to a violation of these terms.

Content Responsibility

The information and content in the Service are of a general informative nature and tailored for a wide audience. The content is not intended as couples therapy or an alternative to such counseling for couples facing difficulties. In case of significant relationship challenges affecting you, your partner, or other family members, such as children, always seek the assistance of a couples therapist or family counselor. This is especially important if there is violence or threats in the relationship. We are not responsible for direct or indirect damages arising from the content in the Service.


We gratefully welcome feedback and support questions via email at, through feedback forms in the Service, or through any of our other support and contact channels, as informed by us.


We reserve the right to make changes to these terms without prior approval and without notifying you. We always inform you when we implement substantial changes to the terms. New terms always come into effect immediately upon publication on the website, and the latest version is always available there and through the Service. If you continue to use the Service after we have published a new version of the terms, you are deemed to have accepted the new terms. Therefore, we recommend that you regularly read the terms to stay informed about any changes.

Law and Dispute Resolution

These terms and your use of the Service are governed by Swedish law. By using the Service, you agree that the laws of Sweden, without regard to principles of conflict of laws for any jurisdiction, will govern the terms and any dispute of any sort that might arise between you and us. Any disputes shall be settled by a general court in Sweden.

The Terms and Conditions were latest updated on 2023-12-08.