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How Birds Premium works

Birds Premium is the paid version of Birds and provides you with full access to all the content. In addition to the relationship status, it includes relationship exercises, habits & hacks (individual exercises that help you build positive relationship habits), articles, and daily questions to rediscover each other.

Try for free for 7 days

You can try Birds Premium for free for 7 days (’trial period’) and you will receive a reminder before the trial period ends. Once the trial period has passed, you will start paying for Birds Premium through your Apple account (iPhone) or Google Play account (Android). Please note that you are only entitled to once trial period per person.

2 for 1!

Birds Premium always applies to two users, which means you can invite your partner to Birds at no extra cost!

Even if we raise the price for Birds Premium in the future, your price will not increase. Your price remains valid as long as your subscription is active!

No strings attached!

You can cancel Birds Premium whenever you want. You pay in advance and will retain access to Birds Premium for the entire paid period.

For questions about Birds Premium, contact us at